13014 Sherman Way - Office, North Hollywood, CA 91605

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BEWARE OF SCAMMERS — Never deposit any money directly into a bank account
OFFICE For general inquiries text or call (818) 273-6040
LEASING See Current Listings. For access information, please text only the code number in the ad to (818) 273-6401
MAINTENANCE Text request with one picture and description or leave a message to (818) 273-6410
NOTE: All messages to Sauer Properties will be replied by text



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If you are interested in viewing or applying for a specific apartment, text or call 818 273 6401

Emergency Info

  • Emergency Information:
    • Emergencies include:
      * Severe running water,
      * Leaking gas
      * Smoke or fire
      * Main Sewer Line Blockage
      * Anything that would put someone in danger
    • Not Emergencies include - please submit a service request:
      * Locking yourself out of your unit - during business hours, we'll try to help you.
         After hours call a locksmith
      * Someone parked in your parking space
      * Noisy neighbors
      * Kitchen Sink, Bath or Tub Blockage - wait until business hours
      * Non-urgent maintenance calls
    • Contact us after hours at (818) 273-6388